Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maybe we CAN do this....in 2012!!!

God really is amazing.  Last night my husband and I had a talk about how we really just couldn't afford the costs of adopting....upwards of 18K, not including third party costs!  We talked about how God would really have to provide if this is what he wanted, but honestly, I couldn't imagine that God would just drop a 20K check in the mail!

So, yes, today things have changed.  Not because there was a gigantic check in the mail (I wish!), but because of two things...
I looked up tax credits for international adoption, and they will give you (if you qualify, which we should) up to a 12K credit.  But better yet, we found out that my husband's company offers an "adoption reimbursement program," which covers up to 10K in adoption fees!!!  Not to mention the fact that they offer adoption leave!! (We're still waiting to hear exactly how much!)

Wow!  Assuming we qualify for all these things (and, I'm sure if this is God's will for us, we will), then we might be ready to adopt by the beginning of next year.  The nice thing is we have the rest of this year to research, save, prepare, but most importantly, PRAY.  I have a feeling that if this isn't what He wants for us, doors will close.  But right now, honestly, it seems as if they're opening.

We'll see!

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  1. I will tell you that through our adoption process it wouldve looked to others like God was closing doors, but we knew that we were still supposed to be quiet and wait. It was hard. But I am so thankful that we did! once you get through reading all our "before" on my blog you will get a link to the blog we used in country. ;)