Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Answer- and maybe some Direction!

Hi everyone,

Remember that little e-mail I sent to For His Children earlier?  It was answered!  I won't bother copying and pasting it, but basically they told us all the ways that we could help out (and honestly, there were a lot!) But the most exciting opportunity of all (for me, because I'm kind of a nerd) was the opportunity to help them WRITE!
I majored in public relations/journalism in college.  I got married 5 days after I graduated.  I got pregnant 6 months later.  So (obviously) my PR degree was never really used and I figured it that I'd never have an opportunity to polish up my skills!  But guess what! They might need someone to help write their newsletter/Facebook page!
*Insert God moment accompanied by God music here*

When I received that e-mail I knew, beyond a doubt, that God wanted me to do that.  Now. Not later.  And the interesting thing about that, is...

"Please know that if you are truly wanting to adopt from Ecuador (and yes, there are only three U.S. agencies currently working in Ecuador), then your involvement with FHC may have to be very limited - due to international policy restrictions - so you'll have to check with whatever agency you decide to adopt through - for their opinion on how you can be involved with FHC without causing any problems for the agency and for your adoption."

This little part of the e-mail.  As I have written previously, we weren't even considering starting the adoption process until early 2012.  I think, folks, that you can now say that's been confirmed.  I mean, the waiting part that is.  
We already have a contact with Illien adoption agency, so we wrote her this little e-mail...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for sending us all the information!  We have a quick question.  My wife and I wouldn't be starting the adoption process until at least the beginning of 2012, and recently we've decided to help out an orphanage down in Ecuador (For His Children). Basically we've volunteered to help write their facebook page/newsletter and might start recruiting sponsorships for them at our church.  I was wondering if you think that this will somehow hurt or negatively affect the adoption process when we DO start it something we'd need to stop doing?  Or is it something we'd need to refrain from doing now?

I have yet to speak to anyone from JoshuaTree.  But obviously I will bring it up with them as well.  Now, you see that last little line?  "Or is it something we'd need to refrain from doing now?"
If that answer comes up as a yes, then I'm going to have to rethink the direction that God is sending us in.  If her answer is more like...this is something you can certainly do now, but maybe not in 2012...then we'll just have to tentatively keep our plans for 2012...and obviously pray about what we should continue doing.

I expect that God is going to direct us somehow with this response.  Funny, because when I was praying that God would show us what to do with this sudden interest/love for Ecuador, I was hoping He'd send a dream or something...or, you know, a vision.  Something very old school and biblical.  Funny that He finds such modern way of directing/speaking with know, like an e-mail.  Good, Old God.  :-)

I will keep you all updated (well, whoever is reading this!)


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